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Motor, gear, steel, stainless bar_470x165x40cm_2013

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Goodbye_ 3 wheel, gears, aluminium, 120x120x220, 2012

Jung Sungyoon’s devised mechanic equipment depicts in what channel the desire for and faith in others appear, expand and come to an end. The machines help ultimately contemplate the trauma of the loss of human identity by performing the process of paradoxically reversing their subjects’ general activities and deduction of outcome. The operational mechanism of the mechanic devices not concealed by sleek appearance is expressed metaphorically as the diagram presenting this circulation system, and reproduced as the aspect of the theater of the absurd between machines and humans, and among humans. It expresses the impossible spot for potential of the world surrounding individuals and their relationship.

Installation view

Possibility of Device, Gallery Chosun


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on the planet

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HDV, 16'00'
10th Seoul international newmedia festival

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